AWP As we proceed is an independent design firm with a focus on Brand Identity, Art Direction and Storytelling. Bridging gut feelings and critical thinking with creative strategy, we put out meaningful work for our ever evolving culture. We create to trigger a shift, challenging systematic narratives to give rise to unique stories. Our multidisciplinary team celebrates individuality, people and spirit — the driving forces behind AWP.

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Good things come in good time.

We keep it simple, authentic, meaningful, and powerful. Through a collaborative approach influenced by apropos factors such as legacy, culture and humankind, our clients' and partners' ambitions are wielded in our creative process. Establishing trust, nourishing curiosity, expanding knowledge, and listening to our instincts — key components of AWP’s methodology — allows us to create with intent and purpose.

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We don’t dance, we make moves.

AWP values working with people who have what they do at heart, and aligns with brands that strive for betterment, in their own way. We're all about making connections and finding purpose together. We collaborate with brands willing to make a difference, whether they are just starting out or growing. We fathom the power of a strong brand image, and want to add value to valuable products — no amount of perfume could ever make bullshit smell good.

of few words

Work that speaks for itself.

Award-winning Creative Directors and Co-founders of AWP, Emanuel Cohen & Mariane Vaillancourt cultivate a spirit for all things design, a raptness for storytelling and a particular affection for street culture. 

Born in a family with roots deep-seated in arts and craftsmanship, Emanuel is an enthusiast of traditional methods at large, and a committed autodidact. His insatiable curiosity has allowed him to develop a proficiency in numerous branches of design, including leather artistry, jewelry, accessories and objects. Years of playing competitive tennis have earned him a strong sense of self-presentation, rigorous discipline and an unwavering drive towards continuous development. He strives to infuse his knowledge and values into the works AWP brings forth, with a meticulous work practice, acute attention to detail and structured yet cutting-edge creativity.

Arts, Culture and Human Behavior buff, Mariane is an assumed Jane-of-all-Trades, able to both envision and build. She yearns to elevate with the people she works with, ever so looking to spark their light. Coming from Fine Arts, Music Video Art Direction, Campaign Ideation, Fashion Styling and Decors, she believes beauty shines with the right amount of grit and peculiarity. Her strength resides in creating balance and shaping universes, aiming to resonate with—or agitate—the collective psyche. Keen for 360 brand experiences, long-term relationships, and sound stories between Makers and Consumers, she doesn’t hesitate to burn the rules book and rewrite it as proceeding.

“ We don’t get lost in the fairy dust of buzzwords and fads, you should feel it in your gut.”
“ We love what we do. We look forward to both big launches and the daily grind.”

Over the years, AWP’s rise has been rooted in building relationships of trust and establishing bonds with like-minded entrepreneurs and teams, becoming a valuable creative partner to many brands on a global scale.

We’ll take

It’s not why we do it though.

Over the years, we’ve had the immense chance of working with people who have entrusted us with their most precious projects, followed us in full belief, and allowed us to spark curiosity, nourish our sense of purpose, and create work stripped-down of all boundaries. To all of our amazing clients and partners, thank you.

We’re invariably humbled to have had our work recognized, published, and awarded by numerous National and International Design Organizations such as AIGA, Alcuin Book Society, Applied Arts Magazine, ADC Art Directors Club, ADCC Advertising and Design Club of Canada, BFFF Berlin Fashion Film Festival, Communication Arts Magazine, Étapes, Gestalten, IdN Magazine, It's Nice That, Monocle, The Dieline, TDC Type Directors Club, amongst others.


Art Director’s Club, ADC102 (Finalist x2), USA

ADCC, Advertising & Design Club of Canada, CAN
Art Director’s Club, ADC101 (Finalist x3), USA
Communication Arts Magazine, Typography 13 Awards (Finalist), USA
Concours IDEA, New Brand Development, Bronze, CAN
Concours IDEA, Brand Refresh, Bronze, CAN
Concours IDEA, Special Projects, Bronze, CAN

ADCC, Advertising & Design Club of Canada, Silver, CAN

Art Director’s Club, ADC99 Bronze Cube Award, USA
Type Director’s Club, Typography 41, TDC66, NYC
ADISQ, Music Video of the Year Nomination (x2), CAN

Communication Arts Magazine, Typography 10 Awards, USA
Applied Arts Magazine, Toronto, CAN

Art Director’s Club, ADC97, Merit Award, USA
Communication Arts Magazine, Typography 8 Awards, USA

BFFF17, Berlin Fashion Film Festival (Shortlist), GER
ADISQ, Music Video of the Year Award, CAN
RENDER, Vancouver Int'l Music Video Festival, CAN

1st Prize, Gourmand, World Cookbook Awards, SPAIN
Applied Arts Magazine, Toronto, CAN
Alcuin Book Society, 1st Prize, Reference books, Vancouver, CAN
Type Director’s Club, Typography 37, TDC62, NYC
Communication Arts Magazine, Typography 6 Awards, USA

Communication Arts Magazine, Typography 5 Awards, US

Type Director’s Club, Typography 35, TDC60, NYC
Communication Arts Magazine, Typography 4 Awards, USA
Coupe Magazine Awards, Toronto, CAN
Grafika, Infopresse Montreal, CAN

AIGA 50|50, 50 Books + 50 Covers, NYC
Grafika, Infopresse, Montreal, CAN
Type Director’s Club, Typography 34, TDC59, NYC
Communication Arts Magazine, Typography 3 Awards, USA
Art Director’s Club, ADC92, Silver Cube Award, USA

Type Director’s Club, Typography 33, TDC58, NYC
Alcuin Book Society, Honorable Mentions, Vancouver, CAN
Applied Arts Magazine, Toronto, CAN
Coupe Magazine Awards, Toronto, CAN

Applied Arts Magazine, Toronto, CAN
Type Director’s Club, Typography 31, TDC56, NYC

Applied Arts Magazine, Toronto, CAN


Concours IDEA
Design Jury Member

Art Director’s Club, ADC100th Annual Awards
Brand & Communication Jury Member


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We love people.

So you’re a brilliant, endlessly curious and skilled soul looking to break new ground? Let’s talk. AWP is a team with a close bond, forever dreaming big. We’re always open to discovering new talents and making new connections. Send us a word and a sample of your work. Whether or not there are openings, we keep portfolios on file for future opportunities.

E-mail us right here.